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Stuart Hall School

Stuart Hall School

Stuart Hall is a school steeped in history and tradition, yet we remain progressive and innovative, pushing education to the next frontier as we help each member of the community feel known and loved. We have students from around the world, across the nation, and all of our neighboring cities and counties. We speak a myriad of languages. We celebrate incredible ethnic and socioeconomic diversity. We strive to make the world a better place, encouraging students to contemplate their own unique, compassionate worldview.

Stuart Hall is a place where children and families thrive in a caring, inclusive community; where diversity is a community strength; where academic excellence emphasizes the process of learning over narrowly defined outcomes; and where we focus on mindfulness, wellness, and presence.


Staunton Virginia


Year Founded:
Number of Students:


Average Class Size:



Specialty Program(s): 

Mastery Learning, Enhanced Support, Arts (including dance and music), and athletics

Stuart Hall School
Stuart Hall School
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