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Blue Ridge School

Blue Ridge School is a private, boys school like no other. We are one of the few all-boys, all-boarding schools for grades nine through twelve in the nation. Our curriculum is tailored to an individualized learning model designed specifically for boys on their way to college. Our community is approachable and inclusive. Our campus is filled with adventure. We focus on building men of character, ready to greet college and beyond. And, despite our rigorous and competitive spirit, our environment is uniquely supportive.

We have built Blue Ridge School that way for a reason—it’s how boys learn best. Individualized, personal, and attentive—these are the hallmarks of the learning model at Blue Ridge School. With an average of 8 students per class, our curriculum stresses relational learning. Relational learning means that boys learn best from people who are invested in them—who can give them the time and attention needed to make lessons click. And when boys relate to the teacher, they can better relate to the learning. With these connections and just 40 students per teacher overall, our faculty also has the time to truly tailor their lesson plans to each individual.

Everything about our 750-acre campus in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is built for boys. There are miles of trails for exploring. Fields, courts, and venues to support over 20 competitive sports teams. Our renowned outdoor educational program instills leadership skills and stewardship for the environment. A lake for fishing and kayaking. And vast expanses of green to explore while contemplating life.


City: St. George, VA

Year Founded: 1909

Campus Size: 750 Acres

Grades Offered: 9th-12th

Number of Students: 170

Percent Boarders: 100%

Average Class Size: 9

Gender: Male

Diversity: 26 States & Countries represented

Specialities: Fishburne Learning Center, Outdoor Program

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