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Blue Ridge School

Blue Ridge School is an all-boys, all-boarding college preparatory school with grades nine through twelve. We offer small classes, a structured and supportive environment and a strong sense of community, defined by an honor code and a host of strong traditions. We develop character by nurturing qualities such as integrity, courage, perseverance and empathy.

The Blue Ridge experience goes beyond the classroom. It is about developing qualities of honor, character, self-discipline and a love of learning – qualities that promise success in college and beyond. Our goal is for the Blue Ridge School boy to move into the world as a “man of character.”


City: St. George, VA

Year Founded: 1909

Campus Size: 750 Acres

Grades Offered: 9th-12th

Number of Students: 150

Percent Boarders: 100%

Average Class Size: 7-12

Gender: Male

Diversity: 21 States & 12 Countries represented

Specialities: Outdoor Program

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