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Hillside School

Since its founding, Hillside School has committed to offering the best educational experience in a structured, supportive environment. Our boarding and day program for boys in grades four through nine is unique in its ability to meet each student at his learning threshold and then truly maximize his potential. Hillside parents frequently give us credit for providing what is a transformative experience for their sons.

Hillside School was founded in 1901, when two sisters established a self-sustaining school for boys. Practicality and compassion drove the genesis, along with a commitment to providing a structured, supportive, and challenging academic environment. Hillside’s diverse offerings and character education have contributed to the development of superbly well-rounded young men for over a century. Hillside students, then and now, are encouraged to take risks with the knowledge that sometimes they will fail, but the support of their school community will never waver. Basic tenets such as determination, compassion, and tolerance guided Hillside students in 1901, just as they do today. The relevance of Hillside’s founding principles remains, and these values continue to shape the school community.

Today, Hillside is a premier junior boarding school providing exceptional academic opportunities to a diverse population of young adolescent boys in grades four through nine in preparation for secondary school. The school is defined by its culture of inclusivity that fosters close relationships between students and teachers, made possible by a 7:1 student teacher ratio. Students are encouraged to push themselves academically while constantly focusing on the school’s core values of compassion, determination, honesty, respect, and brotherhood.


City: Marlborough, MA

Year Founded: 1901

Campus Size: 300 Acres

Grades Offered: 4th-9th

Number of Students: 160

Percent Boarders: 60%

Average Class Size: 12

Gender: Male

Specialties: Innovation Lab, Farm Program, Tutorial Center

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