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The White Mountain School

Set among the beautiful mountains of northern New Hampshire, The White Mountain School is a college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12. Since our founding in 1886, we have remained true to the original focus of New England boarding schools: the development of mind, body and spirit. We develop the mind through our college preparatory curriculum and through a campus-wide ethos of inquiry and engagement in learning.

We develop the body through sports and other physical activities, making full use of our spectacular natural setting. We develop the spirit through reflection, exploration of meaning and purpose, and service in the broader world. In the context of a traditional liberal arts curriculum, we engage students in authentic inquiry– asking and pursuing questions that matter to them. This inquiry process not only leads to enduring learning, it helps students develop the skills and habits essential for academic success. Our students learn how to frame a question, how to find and evaluate research resources, how to synthesize information, and how to formulate an argument. They develop habits of curiosity, collaboration, and persistence. In short, they become great learners.

The White Mountain School has a traditional college preparatory curriculum. However, it is the intellectual engagement and development of the student that is our ultimate focus. Every class is an opportunity to practice the skills, virtues and habits of mind necessary for success in the 21st century. Within each discipline we offer a range of courses from introductory-level to Advanced Placement, Honors, or student-designed independent studies. But whether a class is labeled as history, science, world languages or visual arts, it serves to further The White Mountain School’s focus on curiosity, critical thinking and communication.

Curiosity- We work to nurture our students’ curiosity. We ask them to identify and examine phenomena that spark big questions. Our curriculum serves to guide and inspire students in discovering their passions. Critical Thinking- Because we encourage students to pose their own questions, we also teach them to identify and ask the right questions. We seek to instill an inquisitive spirit, one that challenges assumptions and dares always to ask the most important questions of all: “Why?” and “How do I know?” Communication- The ability to communicate well, to speak and write with clarity and grace, is and will remain a skill essential for success in schools, colleges, the workplace and the civic arena. Responsible and effective communication is practiced and honed with every discipline and subject area, whether through participation in discussions, essay writing or the creation and delivery of presentations.


City: Bethlehem, NH

Year Founded: 1886

Campus Size: 250 Acres

Grades Offered: 9th-12th, PG

Number of Students: 100

Percent Boarders: 80%

Average Class Size: 10

Gender: Co-Ed

Diversity: 18 States & 12 Countries represented

Speciality: Leadership, Arts, Service, and Research Program (LASR)

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