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Looking for Options for Middle School?

Many schools across the country have gone back this fall in carious fashions, in-person, hybrid, completely virtual. Many boarding schools have taken steps to protect their students and faculty and bring everyone back to campus for in person learning. Did you know that there are junior boarding schools where middle school students can have these options as well? Join us for our event, Boarding School 360, where you can learn more about all of your school options - both for Middle School and High School. Schedule of events are:

Learn more from experts on our panel who will discuss academics, athletics, extracurriculars, health & wellness, and student life.

Meet with individual school reps and discuss school specifics and ask questions about your student at our virtual school fair.

Meet with top junior boarding schools:


For students transitioning to college, the journey can be smoother if they hail from the best residential schools in India. These institutions, renowned for their holistic education and rigorous preparation, instill discipline, independence, and academic excellence, providing a solid foundation for higher education and beyond.


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