Trinity-Pawling School


City: Pawling, NY

Year Founded: 1907

Campus Size: 230 Acres

Grades Offered: 7th-12th, PG

Number of Students: 300

Percent Boarders: 75%

Average Class Size: 12

Gender: Male

Diversity: 23 States & 10 Countries represented

Signature Program: The Practicum for Civic Leadership; The Center for Learning Achievement

In such challenging times, we cannot think of a stronger argument for the relevance of a dynamic, personalized, and transformative educational experience in the lives of adolescents who are preparing to successfully navigate the demands of an ever-changing world. Trinity-Pawling succeeds in such preparation through a vigorous learning environment that emphasizes essential 21st century skills such as innovation, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.


A commitment to experiential learning bolsters the way boys learn best: by doing. We also believe that learning happens best when it happens in community. While this is true of all learning, it is particularly true in the case of Trinity-Pawling School, where the relationships between the students and faculty and the availability of extra help are catalysts to the learning and growth processes.


We have forged a safe, adaptable environment that allows our students to be on campus in measures that are compatible with the health and safety demands associated with COVID-19.

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