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Alzar School

Alzar School

Alzar School develops young leaders through authentic, meaningful experiences. On the academic front, Alzar School’s semesters achieve powerful outcomes by combining the benefits of experiential education, small class sizes (average student teacher ratio of 4:1), and individual feedback for personal growth. Students spend time in designated and active followership and leadership positions, both on campus and in the field, and take on increasing responsibility over the semester. Cultural exchange and outdoor adventure provide experiences that extend our classrooms. These non-traditional settings provide the platform for authentic lessons in problem-solving, resiliency, communication, and more.


Cascade, Idaho and Patagonia, Chile


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Come live and learn in the peaks of Patagonia and along the rivers of Idaho for a semester of high school. Laughter, challenge, and adventure define your days at Alzar School. Engaging academic curriculum is intentionally crafted to connect to student experiences on the trail and abroad in Chile. Small class sizes and strong relationships with faculty who live, study, and travel alongside the students result in a community of learners dedicated to leadership education.

Alzar School
Alzar School
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