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Asheville School

Asheville School

Discover more about Asheville School's vision, mission, values, and history here. You can access our digital viewbook to learn more about our distinctive educational experience here.


Asheville School is for those who dare to be extraordinary. For those who are unable to pack themselves into neat boxes or stay in their lane. Those who pursue a higher life with limitless possibilities.


We cannot predict your future, just as we could not predict the futures of other great thinkers and doers and creators who have found themselves on our campus. So, we will teach you all we know to be true. You will learn about classic literature and chemistry. Art, music, and physics. The sweet alchemy of a banana and sugar. The twisting trails and towering trees that frame our campus. The constellations over Mount Pisgah. The power of friendship. The rewards of being curious and receptive and open. To believe that you belong here—just as you belong everywhere.


It is a privilege to learn and live in this small and special enclave among ancient mountains, and your role in our community is vital. You will graduate a truer, braver, wiser version of yourself. And what you share with others will be something unique. It will be you. In four years, you will teach us more than we could have imagined. You will say the same of us.


Asheville, North Carolina


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Specialty Program(s): 
  • Our school-wide Blues Core programming ensures our students graduate as empowered individuals who are fully equipped to thrive in the world around them. It affords students time to talk with adults in small-group settings about life issues and creates a true sense of belonging. Each form's program has a unique focus, with topics that evolve and elevate over time. Learn more about Blues Core here.

  • Be it on stage or behind the easel, the arts dare our imaginations to soar. Asheville School's fine arts program uncovers a student's inner artist and sharpens their understanding of theory and technique. From poetry to pottery to piano, instruction is never confined to the classroom or campus. Students immerse themselves in the Asheville community, a beloved enclave for creatives that will inspire a lifetime of artistic exploration. Learn more about our Fine Arts program here.

  • Teamwork, sportsmanship, and commitment define Asheville School Athletics. On fields, courts, and in swim lanes, student-athletes continue to develop character as they proudly represent their school and their team. Learn more about Blues Athletics here.

  • An appreciation for the great outdoors has coursed through our community since our founding. In 1900, the beauty of Western North Carolina's mountains and abundance of proximate recreational opportunities attracted Asheville School's founders and convinced them to set their school in this very spot. The Mountaineering Program makes it possible for students of all interest and skill level to experience the joy and thrill of outdoor adventure, under the guidance of seasoned instructors. Our climbers, kayakers, hikers, and mountain bikers still find new nooks and crannies of these mystic blue hills to explore. Learn more about our Mountaineering Program here.

  • We believe that spiritual reflection opens the door to a greater understanding and appreciation of oneself, others, and our connection to something greater. While Asheville School is rooted in nondenominational Christian heritage and weekly chapel and vespers services reflect that tradition, we welcome students of all faiths and beliefs. We encourage everyone to explore spiritual connection through multiple pathways, striving to embark on a meaningful, life-long spiritual journey. Learn more about Spiritual Life programming here.

Asheville School
Asheville School
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