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Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School is a college preparatory, co-educational, day and boarding school located just 10 miles from Boston. With over 190 years of rich history, we challenge our students academically, socially, and interpersonally.


We engage a diverse community of learners in a collaborative educational experience, preparing them for college success and a lifetime of meaningful engagement with the broader world. At CH-CH, we know that every learner enters the classroom with a unique set of intellectual, personal, and academic strengths. We create multiple paths to mastery of the skills and content provided, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to engage with the material in a meaningful and deep way.


Waltham, MA


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Specialty Program(s): 

Distinguished Scholars Diploma: A Distinguished Scholar Diploma is designed to allow students to explore areas of passion within a specific field of study. Each student begins this journey during their sophomore year and is expected to achieve and grow in each of their courses. Parallel to their coursework, students pursue a minimum of two enrichment experiences. These enrichment experiences can take many forms and will challenge students to demonstrate excellence within the specific domains represented by the individual Diploma requirements. Students will be asked to self-select these experiences and justify to their advisor how these experiences align with their growth and distinguish them in the area of the Diploma.


Skills and Academic Strategies: The Skills and Academic Strategies Department (SAS) provides an individualized program of support and strategies so that students can successfully meet the challenges of work in high school and beyond. The SAS curriculum focuses on the specific academic skills and strategies needed for success in high school and college. SAS learning specialists work with students so they:

  • Strengthen executive function skills
  • Adapt well to varied educational environments
  • Implement academic strategies
  • Develop self-advocacy skills
  • Understand himself/herself as a learner

Spring Sessions: Each spring, students and faculty eagerly await one of the most exciting opportunities at CH-CH, our Spring Sessions. Created by the CH-CH faculty, Spring Session consists of an ever-changing variety of experiences, both on and off-campus, designed to allow students and faculty to engage deeply in an area of interest. From immersion into another culture to making an impact through community service, to learning a brand new skill, it is no wonder why Spring Sessions have become so popular among our teachers and students.

Examples of previous Spring Sessions include:

  • Marine Biology in the Florida Keys
  • Sailing in Boston
  • Improv Comedy Performance Workshop
  • Repairing Houses in New Orleans
  • Tour of French Culture in Montréal
  • Civil War Tour of Gettysburg
  • Art and Yoga Workshop
  • Leadership Workshops at Walt Disney World
  • Hiking in New England
  • Visiting Holocaust Museums in New York and Washington D.C
Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School
Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School
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