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Chatham Hall

Chatham Hall

Chatham Hall has a long tradition of encouraging girls to extraordinary accomplishments. Georgia O’Keeffe, for example, graduated in 1905 and not only went on to art schools dominated at the time by men but also succeeded in becoming one of the foremost American artists of the 20th century. We push beyond our comfort zones to discover what we are capable of and reveal our passions. We open ourselves to new perspectives and seek to expand our worldview. We learn to take risks, fail and rebound, and support each other as we redefine what’s possible. Our Honor Code and Purple & Golden Rule present our shared commitment to living with integrity. This requires strength, courage, and vulnerability. We hold each other accountable to the same level of honesty and trust in all aspects of life, both on campus and off.


Chatham, VA


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Specialty Program(s): 

Global Entrepreneurship students explore the fundamentals of business, the incubation process, how to pitch ideas, and much more.

Global Studies- Chatham Hall believes that to equip curious thinkers to lead lives of impact; students must experience life beyond their homes.

Leader n Residence- The Guth ’44 Leaders in Residence program provides an exceptional opportunity to learn from women who shape the world.

Write in Residence-The Writer in Residence Program brings authors, poets, and songwriters to Chatham Hall.

Chatham Hall
Chatham Hall
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