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Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Spanning over 1,100 acres of Prairie with breathtaking views of and easy access to the Rocky Mountains, FVS offers an unmatched educational experience for boarding, day, and international students in Colorado Springs, encouraging students to venture beyond their comfort zones, engage in place-based learning, and connect with themselves, their classmates, and nature. Fountain Valley believes in providing a unique, comprehensive education that prepares students for the world beyond the classroom.


The School's global community thrives on interdisciplinary learning, with academic departments working together to provide a challenging curriculum that leans into aspects of the American West and benefits students at each grade level. Students get outside, using the land and surrounding areas to connect traditional learning with an emphasis on conceptual application. With a barn of approximately 40 horses, FVS offers opportunities for coed equestrian endeavors and western riding, further enhancing the connection between students and the stunning landscape that surrounds the School.


Similar to the School's educational model, FVS athletics support a variety of traditional and Western pursuits, as students marvel at the 60,000-square-foot Julie and Spencer Penrose Athletic Center complete with the largest indoor high school climbing wall in the nation, and at the 12-miles of mountain biking trails that criss-cross a vast Prairie campus.


Colorado Springs, CO


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Fountain Valley School of Colorado
Fountain Valley School of Colorado
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