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Middlesex School

Middlesex School

Middlesex is a school that is committed to finding the promise in each and every student. We have a depth of curriculum that mirrors a college catologue with instruction that is compassionate but that will push students to be at their best. Middlesex encourages students to be well rounded and dive into academics, athletics, and the arts. Our program has set a schedule that allows students to pursue all their passions and not have to compromise any interests. In addition, our community prides itself on our warmth and ability to form deep connections through our advisor program, in our dorms, in the classroom, and on the athletic fields. We hope the warmth is palpable when you arrive on campus and visit us.


Concord, MA


Year Founded:
Number of Students:


Average Class Size:

10-12 students


Specialty Program(s): 

Writing workshop is a sophomore year program where students master the essential skills of cogent, persuasive analytical writing. Writing workshop tightens up grammar, strengthens vocabulary, and establishes the framework of strong essay writing. All juniors will prepare to take the AP English language and composition or AP English literature and composition tests.


Mindfulness meets once a week. It is required of all students in Class IV and new students in Class III. This twelve-week nonacademic credit course introduces students to the history, science, and practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is often defined as “paying attention to our present moment experience with curiosity and acceptance” and is a skill that supports students in training their attention, as well as relating to thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a healthier way. While this course is required, the practice of mindfulness at Middlesex is always optional.


Plaque is required during a students senior year. meeting weekly. Required of all members of Class I. Honoring one of the most powerful traditions of the School, each graduate of Middlesex creates a plaque that is displayed with those of their classmates. This course orients students to the plaque creation process, from technique to design, to understanding each plaque’s place in the School’s tradition. A completed plaque is a requirement for graduation and members of Class I will remain enrolled in this course until their plaque is finished.

Middlesex School
Middlesex School
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