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Northfield Mount Hermon was founded on the belief that education must be available

to every young person because it is a truly transformative experience. Embracing the

opportunities afforded in our natural setting in the hills along the Connecticut River, our

school was built with great teachers, a world-class curriculum, and a belief that everyone

should contribute to the community.


Today, guided by our mission, our values, and how we seek to live them every day, we continue to embrace

our commitment to providing a transformative educational experience. Our formula for success resides on our

campus along the Connecticut River in the hills of western Massachusetts.


And through our pillars that guide our curriculum, teaching methods, programs, and student support.

• Academic Excellence: Provide the foundation for intellectual growth

• Student-Centered Community: Offer the support and sense of belonging necessary for personal development

• Citizenship: Instill a sense of purpose and commitment to serve the greater good


Together, our pillars form a complete living and learning experience — an education for the head, heart, and hand.


Gill, MA


Year Founded:
Number of Students:


Average Class Size:



Specialty Program(s): 

Programs Distinct to NMH


Humanities: A hallmark of an NMH education. Every student starts

by examining their identities and their relationships with other

people and with the environment through philosophical and artistic

expressions. Students begin to understand how their education can

be a tool for problem-solving that positively impacts humanity.


Advanced Scholars Program: Thirty-three college-level courses

that span multiple disciplines, senior capstones, independent studies,

and the Rhodes Social Entrepreneurship Program. This program

requires students to apply their learning using real-world skills and

project-based assessments. Students not only complete high-level

work — they use it to research and address global challenges, which

allows them to develop into strong scholars who further stand out as

college applicants.


Environmental Studies: Twelve courses that cross multiple

disciplines, as well as the Farm Semester program, immerse students

in a multidisciplinary experience as they engage in close observation

of the landscape and explore essential questions guiding society

towards a sustainable future.


Workjob: Every NMH student is responsible for actively participating

in the daily running of the school. Through workjob, students serve

their community and develop an understanding of the value of every

person’s contributions. Many alumni credit this experience as being

instrumental in preparing for workplace challenges and life after NMH.

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