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Pomfret School

Pomfret School

The heart of the academic experience at Pomfret is our belief that students should be partners with their teachers in the dynamic business of acquiring knowledge. Here, students learn how to solve problems, think creatively, make arguments, and build teams based on a carefully structured track and sequence of courses and learning opportunities. Students and teachers are co-creators in the classroom, engaged together in making discoveries and pursuing new ideas. Under the careful guidance of experienced faculty who are experts in their field, our students design courses and investigate topics of their choosing, while also coming to understand their unique gifts and distinct strengths as students and people.


Pomfret, Connecticut


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Project: Pomfret: Every year, we set aside two weeks for students to collaborate with faculty on creative and impactful experiential education projects. These projects have real world applications and align with at least one United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. The culmination of our work is celebrated in a project fair, TEDx event, art gallery, and reflective essays.


QUEST: This signature program is at the heart of our students' social and emotional learning, and an integral component of their growth and development. Grounded in Pomfret’s core values of community, integrity, and growth, QUEST enables students to learn more about who they are, who they are becoming, and how we can be and belong together in this community.


Certificate Program: A college major — for high school students. Our certificate tracks offer motivated, independent-minded students the opportunity to gain deep exposure to a specific area of study during their time at Pomfret. The result is a rare and powerful experience that encourages students to pursue a genuine interest with purpose and passion. Certificates are diploma distinctions that appear on a student’s transcript.


Experiential Travel Program: Our experiential travel program gives students the opportunity to study for credit in places like Morocco, Spain, Peru, France, Costa Rica, and Ecuador, or closer to campus in Maine, Vermont, Alabama, and Washington D.C. More often than not, these lucky students return transformed by their travel experiences, excited to share what they have learned with others.


Helios Project: The Helios Project is a passive solar aquaponics greenhouse built by students to support environmental research. It also supplies fresh produce to local food pantries.


Schwartz Visiting Fellowship: Since 1989, the Schwartz Visiting Fellowship Program has brought world-renowned experts like David McCullough and Shirley Chisholm to the Pomfret School campus.

Pomfret School
Pomfret School
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