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Proctor Academy

Proctor Academy

For 175 years, Proctor's campus has been at the center of the rural New England village of Andover, New Hampshire. An older church serves as the school's Health Center, the former town livery stable hosts the visual arts studios and historic homes serve as dormitories. Newer, modern buildings have emerged over time, but the feel of a small village remains. Like within a small town, at Proctor students are seen, known and heard and community is central to all that we do.


Proctor's 2500 acre campus allows our land to serve as the ultimate classroom for Proctor students. Our dedication to environmental sustainability extends beyond the classroom and guides our educational programs, campus operations and community engagement, fostering a strong sense of responsibilty among students, faculty and staff.


Andover, NH


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Specialty Program(s): 

Experiential Learning and 5 Term Long Off-Campus Programs ~ Ocean Classroom, Mountain Classroom, European Art Classroom, Proctor in Monteverde, Costa Rica and Proctor in Segovia, Spain.

Integrated Academic Support Program ~ Proctor has had an integrated, robust academic support program since the 1950s with three levels of academic support.

Academic Concentrations ~ Empowering students to design an individualized program of coursework, engage in experiential learning beyond campus and present a culminating capstone project during senior year.

Proctor Academy
Proctor Academy
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