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Rectory School

Rectory School

Our commitment at Rectory is understanding your child. Recognizing that every student learns uniquely, we provide an environment where individuality is celebrated. Surrounded by dedicated adults who believe in their potential, students are empowered with tailored tools to thrive according to their learning styles. Embracing challenges beyond their comfort zones, students cultivate invaluable life skills amidst a supportive community.

Central to Rectory's ethos is our capacity to craft personalized learning paths for each student. Through our acclaimed Learning Services Program, students acquire subject-specific proficiencies, hone executive-functioning skills, and receive the necessary remediation and enrichment to excel academically and beyond.

At Rectory, our holistic approach extends across academics, athletics, arts, and residential life, all grounded in our School Creed: Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, and Compassion. Graduating from Rectory, students not only possess a robust academic foundation but also emerge with a profound sense of ethical and social responsibility, equipped for a lifetime of success.


Pomfret CT


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May Experiential Learning Program (MELP) - a week-long excursion that uses the world as a classroom. Students and faculty embark upon unique learning adventures for one week in the spring term. It's a direct, immersive, hands-on experience, that promotes personal growth and lifelong learning.


Individualized Instruction Program (IIP) - one-to-one sessions occur during the academic day. This specialized approach is designed to meet each student's needs through individual academic plans, communication, amongst faculty, and consistent research – based best practices, including regular progress, monitoring, and data collection is student is mash with a learning specialist focuses on the whole student, creating a learning plan, including goals with insight from the student and family. Small group instruction is also offered to increase peer-to-peer collaboration and problem-solving, increased student engagement while allowing for higher-level critical thinking processes, and encourages students to pursue difficult academic topics with education facilitation.


Bigelow Scholars (Distinguished/Honors) - Academic honors program for students who demonstrate achievement across all disciplines. This course is founded on the study of human geography, incorporating an in-depth analysis of the human story. The class will map the human landscape through multiple views, including humanities, art, and technology. Students will explore the unique relationship between the human world and the complex stories we tell to understand the world around us. They will focus on the study of etymology, storytelling, the origin of self, culture, and interpretation of global events in different parts of the world. Through the lens of technology and digital design, the focus will be on the exploration of film and design; students will gain insights into how these mediums shape and reflect the dynamics of human interactions, place-making, and the built invitation in the top of their class

Rectory School
Rectory School
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