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Salem Academy

Salem Academy

Our rigorous college preparatory curriculum, combined with individualized support and a welcoming, supportive learning community, results in life-long success — yours!

For more than 250 years, Salem has empowered girls to lead. Today, we continue to pioneer education opportunities for girls with vision and intention.

Salem Academy provides girls with meaningful access to coursework in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, including robotics and coding. Our students learn persistence, self-confidence, collaboration and adaptability — skills to succeed at college and in life.

At Salem Academy, we ignite curiosity, increase compassion, infuse creativity and inspire courage.

Our goal is clear: to prepare you to launch your best life — one of purpose and meaning.


Winston-Salem, NC


Year Founded:
Number of Students:


Average Class Size:



Specialty Program(s): 

College course enrollment at Salem College; Award-Winning Robotics and Debate teams; STEAM-based curriculum

Salem Academy
Salem Academy
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