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St. Johnsbury Academy

St. Johnsbury Academy

St. Johnsbury Academy students enjoy an extraordinary range of opportunities. We offer more than 200 courses, including 32 Advanced Placement and the AP Diploma, a university-quality fine and performing arts center with an amazingly talented faculty of professional artists, 16 technical, pre-professional and computer science and four languages (French, Spanish, Latin and Japanese.) Our facilities include everything from a professional student-run restaurant to a Makerspace where engineering students can make their visions a reality. We also have 40 athletic teams and nearly 60 clubs and other activities. Our student body, coming from more than 50 Vermont and New Hampshire towns, 20 states and as many foreign countries, enables every student the chance to live and learn in a remarkably diverse community. An ethos of caring, acceptance and encouragement defines our culture and climate. This mission permeates our school and is immediately evident when visitors step foot on our campus.


St. Johnsbury, Vermont


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AP Capstone Diploma, Applied Science and STEM Intensive, International Travel and Cultural Exchange, Post-Calculus Mathematics, SJA Arts Intensive, SJA Technical Career Intensive

St. Johnsbury Academy
St. Johnsbury Academy
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