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The Bement School

The Bement School

The Bement School was founded in 1925 by Grace “Menty” Allan Power Bement, a tutor and drama coach deeply interested in education and women’s suffrage. Mrs. Bement moved to Deerfield in 1920 with her husband Lewis and their three children when Lewis became the president of the John Russell Cutlery Company.

The school grew quickly as word spread about Mrs. Bement’s revolutionary education philosophy. She believed that education should be tailored to the needs of the individual child, while also emphasizing responsibility for the rights of others. Her radical theory was uncommon, but her students and faculty expressed loyalty and deep affection for her. This early foundation persists today, as Bement is dedicated to meeting/catering to the unique needs of each student while cultivating a strong community.

The Bement School curriculum has remained responsive and fluid, and faculty continue to demonstrate unflagging devotion to their students. Bement currently maintains an enrollment of approximately 225 students, including 45 boarders, who come from many different states and countries.


Deerfield, Massachusetts


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Our setting, steeped in history and surrounded by nature, lends itself to impassioned teaching. Dedicated teachers bring lessons to life beyond the classroom, infusing each day with creativity and inventiveness. Experiential learning allows our students to put into practice what they’ve learned on the page. And our global diversity introduces students to other cultures from a young age and cultivates a sense of interconnection with a broader community, both here in the Pioneer Valley and all over the world.

Students benefit from one-on-one attention in small classes, and they form supportive relationships with their peers and teachers. Our goal is to foster a love of reading, a curiosity about the natural world, and strong problem-solving abilities. While our students pursue knowledge, they also develop self-awareness, confidence, and resilience—life skills that will take them anywhere they dream to go.

The Bement School
The Bement School
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