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The Knox School

The Knox School

Founded in 1904, The Knox School is the oldest established private school on Long Island, in New York. Small class sizes allow Knox students to receive the individual attention they deserve when investing in a private school education. Students can fast-track their University studies by participating in more than a dozen Dual Enrollment courses for college credit, or selecting from more than 20 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our comprehensive STEM program prepares students well for admission to the highest-ranked universities in the United States – 100% of our students get accepted to college and 78% attend the TOP 100 Universities. Students have a diverse and exciting Residential Life experience, participate in a variety of competitive sports, and have access to New York City on the weekends. Knox is the perfect school for students to receive an American high school experience and move on to the most competitive colleges the United States has to offer.


St. James, NY


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Knox students receive personalized attention from the moment they enroll. In addition to small class sizes, individualized college counseling, and niche sports and clubs, our students also have the unique opportunity to declare a major any time up to and including the summer before their Junior year, then follow a personalized track that will culminate with a Senior year capstone project. Following a major track as part of their high school experience will also strengthen students’ college applications. Please note that many courses within each track are available for college credit. The following tracks are available for students:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Liberal Arts
  • Performance
  • Pre-Med
  • STEM/Engineering
  • Visual Arts
The Knox School
The Knox School
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