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Trinity-Pawling School

Trinity-Pawling School

Trinity-Pawling School offers a holistic educational experience to 275 boys, delivering an innovative and ambitious program that cultivates student collaboration, camaraderie, and independent exploration. With over 100 academic courses, 17 AP courses, 13 athletic teams competing in the New England Founders League, and a multitude of extracurricular activities, TPS students have a myriad of opportunities to reimagine and take ownership of their learning.

Student-centered teaching is at the core of a Trinity-Pawling education and every activity is shaped to the needs of boys in the 21st century. The School’s academic programs are active and applied, packed with opportunities for hands-on learning. Students are supported in their coursework by a vibrant and committed faculty who are experts in boys’ education. TPS is a focused experience for boys, which nurtures a sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, brotherhood, lifelong friendships, and the discovery of their own gifts and talents.

The next-generation school for boys is here, on a campus that feels warm and welcoming and human-scaled, in an academic community that thinks ahead, looks forward, and makes a transformational difference in the lives of its students.



Pawling, New York


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Our three-part Practicum for Civic Leadership fosters problem-solving skills, promotes interdisciplinary exploration, and builds authentic communication skills. Through the Winter ProjectGlobal Collaborative Challenge, and Senior Independent Project, we place our students at the center of the learning process. They become active participants and co-creators — in and out of the classroom.

Using a multi-disciplined approach and engaging with the world outside of Trinity-Pawling, students work collaboratively to understand issues, give oral presentations both as part of a group and as an individual, and learn how to ask the right questions when confronted with challenges. The three pronged, multi-dimensional Practicum challenges every student to master these 21st century skills.

Trinity-Pawling School
Trinity-Pawling School
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