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Chatham Hall

Moto: Equipping curious thinkers to lead lives of impact.

At Chatham Hall, we believe that when a young woman steps beyond the boundary of her own comfort zone, she realizes the true power of her potential. Every day across campus, you’ll discover your individual passions, learn to balance joy with challenge, gratitude with ambition, and to champion each other as you begin to weave together informed perspectives that will make up your worldview. With endless opportunities illuminated before you, you’ll feel confident taking the first steps toward a life that is all your own.


City: Chatham, VA
Year Founded: 1894
Campus Size: 365 Acres
Grades Offered: 9th-12th
Number of Students: 118
Percent Boarders: 95%
Average Class Size: 10
Gender: Female
Diversity: 16 States & 15 Countries Represented

Specialties: Advanced Courses, Robotics, Global Entrepreneurism, GIRLS' Day, January Term

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