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Mercersburg Academy

Lofty ideals, great faith, noble integrity, and a ceaseless devotion to a mighty task, these are among the things which account for the meaning of Mercersburg.

At Mercersburg Academy we embrace the values of hard work, character, and community while learning to balance independence with interdependence and individual humility with collective pride. Our students commit to a life of learning, seek to understand the spiritual nature of human existence, and develop a determination to lead and serve the world.


City: Mercersburg, PA

Year Founded: 1893

Campus Size: 300 Acres

Grades Offered: 9th-12th

Number of Students: 445

Percent Boarders: 85%

Average Class Size: 11

Gender: Co-Ed

Diversity: 27 States & 37 Countries represented

Signature Program: Mercersburg global studies program, Capstone Experiences: MAPS and Spring board, Mercersburg Outdoor Education, College Counseling, Competitive Robotics and Swimming

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