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North Cedar Academy

NCA is situated on 96 acres overlooking the Flambeau River and proudly boasts about the safety of NCA campus and the local community as a whole. Ladysmith (the largest "city" in Rusk County, Wisconsin) has a population of 3,100 and a crime rate that is 75% below the national average. While Ladysmith may be considered small, it is very close to larger cities we visit for recreation and shopping.

Our unique offerings, the University Pathway Programs, allow qualifying students in grades 11 and 12 to earn their Associate of Arts & Science degree (or up to 60 university credits) while still in high school. University Pathway Program students are also guaranteed admission to the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and the University of Minnesota - Duluth after graduation. EFL/ESL Support

Are you a beginner, fluent, or somewhere in between? In addition to our high school diploma, we offer multi-level EFL/ESL courses alongside our high school curriculum. In this way, our students can receive the necessary English support to achieve their graduation requirements and post-secondary goals. Newly enrolled students' English abilities are scored upon their arrival.


City: Ladysmith, Wisconsin

Year Founded: 2014

Campus Size: 96 Acres

Grades Offered: 9th-12th

Number of Students: 60

Percent Boarders: 100%

Average Class Size: 7-10

Gender: Co-Ed

Diversity: 4 States & 17 Countries

Signature Program: University Pathway Program, ELL Support

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