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Thomas Jefferson School

As a boarding and day school for high-ability students from all over the world, we know that such students thrive when they are surrounded by others who are equally enthusiastic about learning. TJ’s curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our small classes of motivated students (6:1 student teacher ratio).

Academically, TJ is one of the top coed boarding and day schools in the United States for grades 7–12; in fact, places us among the top 28 boarding and day schools in the nation and the top 2% for STEM.

Beyond academics, though, we also know that college preparation also involves learning to manage time, to prioritize obligations, and to share space with others. We have programming in place for middle schoolers to build these skills in developmentally appropriate ways.


City: Saint Louis, MO

Year Founded: 1946

Campus Size: 20 Acres

Grades Offered: 7th-12th

Number of Students: 85

Percent Boarders: 25.35%

Average Class Size: 6

Gender: Co-Ed

Signature Program: Top 28 day and boarding schools in the nation and the top 2% for STEM.

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