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Trinity College School

What makes Trinity College School unique? It’s the people that comprise our community. Our students not only come from diverse backgrounds, they are remarkable in their interests and talents, and add to the richness of our community. Likewise, our faculty don’t see TCS as a place to work, but an exceptional way of life. Visitors tell us time and time again, that when stepping foot on our beautiful campus they immediately feel the incredible energy of our students and staff and understand the culture of respect that we foster, value and uphold as a community.

What amazes students applying to Trinity College School is the breadth of programming offered in academics, athletics, the arts and service learning. Within the TCS boarding experience starting in Grade 9, TCS is a place where young people begin a journey to realize what’s within, experiment and go beyond their comfort zone to realize their passions; a place where any student can be a scholar, rugby star, environmental advocate and musician all at once.

For over 155 years, TCS has been a true boarding school offering a residential experience rooted in tradition while “polished” for today’s student. Simply put, we believe the TCS boarding experience is second-to-none, as students balance a sense of self with a spirit of belonging. And importantly, the unique structure of our boarding programme allows our day students to benefit from a school that is always open and provides the opportunity to learn in a diverse and dynamic environment.


City: Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Year Founded: 1865

Campus Size: 100 Acres

Grades Offered: 5th-12th (9th - 12th boarding)

Percent Boarders: 50%

Average Class Size: 14

Gender: Co-Ed

Diversity: 40 States & Countries represented

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