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Woodberry Forest

Since the school’s founding in 1889, Woodberry Forest has sought to develop young men of intellectual thoroughness and principled integrity equipped with the capacity and eagerness to serve as leaders, learners, and citizens. Consistent with the historical founding of the school on Christian principles, we aspire to instill in every boy a deep sense of empathy, an enduring self-confidence buttressed by genuine humility, and an enthusiastic pursuit of lifelong learning marked by curiosity and adaptability. Above all, we aim for every boy to enjoy a meaningful life by nurturing his commitment to act upon moral beliefs and ethical values in service to others.


City: Woodberry Forest, VA

Year Founded: 1889

Campus Size: 1200 Acres

Grades Offered: 9th-12th

Number of Students: 405

Percent Boarders: 100%

Average Class Size: 12

Gender: Male

Diversity: 27 States and DC & 27 Countries represented

Signature Program: College Prep, Honor System