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Breakout Panel Discussions
The Rexford Room

Want to learn more about boarding school in general?  Our breakout panel discussions are a great way to learn about the process, the experience, and life on campus.  Click on the topics below to get more information about our panelists, our agendas, and downloadable resources.

5:15-5:45 - The Junior Boarding and Single Sex Boarding School Experience

Junior Boarding Schools


Amanda Miles

Associate Director of Admissions
Fay School


Jennifer Kolpak

Director of Enrollment Management

Rumsey Hall School

Single Sex Boarding Schools


Katie Myer

Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Emma Williard School

Wynne Overton.jpg

Wynne Overton

Chief Enrollment Officer

Chatham Hall

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 1.56.14 PM.png

Andy Hirt

Dean of Enrollment Management

Chase Spring.jpg

Chase Sprong

Director of Admissions and Tuition Assistance
Woodberry Forest


Junior Boarding Schools:

  1. What is a Junior Boarding School?

  2. Who is Junior Boarding School for?

Single Sex Boarding Schools:

  1. Benefits for Girls of single sex education: Academic, Social, Emotional

  2. Benefits for Boys of Single Sex: Academic, Social, Emotional

  3. Will my child ever interact with a boy/girl?

Panel 1
6:00-6:30 - The Nuts & Bolts: Applications, SSAT, and Interviews
Cort Pomeroy groton photo.jpg

Cort Pomeroy

Director of Enrollment Management

Groton School

Britt Plante.jpg

Britt Plante

Associate Dean of Admission

St. Paul's School

Sean Atkins

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Suffield Academy

Wenner Headshot 2022.jpg

Teddy Wenner

Dean of Admission

Blair Academy

  1. The applications 

    1. Platforms used

    2. What are schools looking for in a student essay

    3. What are schools looking for in a parent statement

  2. SSAT

    1. What is it

    2. What is a Flex Test

    3. Should I prep

    4. Test Optional

  3. Interviews: Tips from the Interviewer


How to Apply - Groton School

Panel 2
6:45-7:15 - Boarding School Life: Academics, Extracurriculars, and more

Jeff Depelteau

Director of Financial Aid & Summer Programs
Berkshire School

Brileigh Pinkney.jpg

Brileigh Pinkney

Associate Director of Admissions

Episcopal High School


Kelly Sheehan

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Pomfret School

Jonathan Bennett.jpg

Jake Bennett

Associate Director of Admissions

Kent School

Courtney Given Headshot.jpg

Courtney Given

Assistant Director of Admissions

Choate Rosemary Hall


Meghan Donaldson

Regional Manager for North Carolina

Lawrenceville School

  1. Academic

    1. Advisors

    2. Classes

    3. Study Hours

    4. Interaction with Teachers

  2. Extracurricular

    1. Sports

    2. Clubs

    3. Theater

  3. Life 

    1. Field Trips and Excursions

    2. Travel to and from school (transportation)

    3. How often do students normally go home

    4. Do students spend the weekend off campus (trips, sleepovers with day students)

    5. How does my student take care of life tasks (hair cuts, braces adjustments, shopping for necessities, etc)

Panel 3
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